When we hear the name Camden here in Jersey, one tends to associate it with our poorest city, but also with the birthplace of the grandfather of poetry, Walt Whitman. In today’s NYTimes, Ken Belson writes smartly about “Touching Up Camden Yards, “the delicate nature of updating a ballpark. Of course Larry Lucchino is a consultant. Who else has better handled updating old designs? It turns out the same architect firm used for Camden Yards also designed PNC in Pittsburgh and Coors Field. For a new park, my favorite of these thus far is Coors. As far as Camden Yards goes, we can love it for the way Red Sox fans take it over. Last summer as I was standing in line for a free spot in the men’s room, one Orioles fan yelled out “Damn, the only time I have to wait in line in here is when you guys are in town!” We had the perfect ratio for an out of town game, about 10 sox fans to every  2 Baltos. When it comes to Red Sox Nation, east coast teams love when we visit. At least the front office does when they count it up at the end of the night.
Oh, and Mr. Whitman says, “Welcome are all earth’s lands, each for its kind.”
Let’s play ball.


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