Home Sweep Home

I know it’s a game too soon and superstitious friends will curse me for mentioning it, but taking three from the Angels is the sweetest stand we’ve had thus far. But let’s talk about life. Baseball that is. As Nomar said to reporters before the game, I see those t-shirts, ” Baseball is Life” and that’s really true. More importantly, he said, “I have lifelong friends. I have family because of this uniform.” Then when he stood on the field he thanked the Red Sox, for “Bringing me back home, where I belong.” Beautiful. It was an emotional night, one filled with my favorite baseball nostalgia. And all around us in baseball is a theme of loyalty. Derek Jeter  tied Lou Gehrig for consecutive games as a Yankee.(Yes, I do mention the Yankees on occasion. After all, what would we do without our rivalry?) Ryan Howard committed to a long career contract with the Phillies a long time, on baseball clocks, before going on the market as a free agent. In our nation, Tito notched his 1,000th game as Sox manager. And then there was Nomar, reminding us of what’s important in life. It’s baseball.


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