Holier Than Thou

All you had to do was look at Manager Mike Scioscia’s face after the Kendrick error late in the game to know that his Angels had descended into a lower circle of hell, at the hands of the new, high and mighty Sox. It was beautiful. Cantakerous, irritable, frustrated, and just plain pissed. Poor Mike. I don’t have any mercy but i do have respect for a quality manager. As Bob Costas mentioned, after he and Smoltzy were done talking about their childhood accordian lessons (something I also have in common),the plane back to Seattle would be a long one for the team. Lucky for us, our Sox continue our homestand in holiest of fashions with a sacred rivalry. Fired up with some flame licks straight out of the hell of last week,Youk and company are ready.vecsey_lrg.jpg


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