Doc Lester!

What is the origin of calling a pitcher “Doc”? The earliest reference for me is Dwight Gooden.

Isn’t it time we start calling Jon Lester, “Doc.” Just as Red Sox Nation was about to become Lexapro nation, the only thing to calm the inflammatory emotions so infectious after two beat downs by the Yankees was the brilliant pitching of our emergency room doc. 95 mph fastballs, 92 mph cutters and 88 mph curves. Just the right prescription to make some of those dangerous hitters look foolish with awkward check swings. Despite the two pink bat homers by Swisher and Rodriguez, Doc Lester remained inside himself, with that calm intensity.Hold off on the anti-depressants. It’s a long season.

PS. Is there a better story than Dallas Braden on Sunday? Amazing stuff.



One comment

  1. noni

    Do you live in Massachusetts? or are you a fan living in New Jersey?
    Lackey did it. It was a little tough in the beginning, but the end result was worth it!
    Dice K tonight, I think he is due for a win.

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