Jonathan Papelbonus

Last week I mentioned that I was haunted all winter by a blown save. I didn’t mean to criticize Pap but it was obvious last fall’s woes needed adjusting.Professor Amalie Benjamin(she’s not really a professor–it’s just my way of showing gratitude and respect) in today’s Boston Globe unravels the mystery behind last year’s late season’s unraveling. With a higher percentage of pitches coming from the slider and the splitter. Papelbon is reaching his numbers again. From the blown saves, we know that the best hitters in the American League can tune up to a 95 mph fastball. As I have learned in my rookie days as a blogger and fan, it’s the variety and change of speeds that fool hitters. Those are the basics, I know. In pre-saason talk and with informal exchanges with fellow Sox fans, many were saying that they hoped we let Pap go after his current contract expires.I was almost agreeable. But John Farrell is a hell of a pitching coach and he knows what to do with Papelbon. As my Yankee fan friends always say, they can’t stand his cockiness.When the Orioles were playing on the MLB Network, the commentators were praising their closer, Alfredo Simon, for his confidence on the mound. Mitch Williams said that is one factor that is crucial for a closer. I may be stating the obvious again, but we all know when it comes to mound prowess, Pap is the best in the majors. I don’t how many other pitchers try to imitate the glare, but they have to have it inside, too. That’s the Papelbonus and why he ought to have that longer contract
Jonathan Papelbon 2.jpg


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