Where’s the Boof?

I have watched enough blown saves by Ramirez and Schoeneweis. Last night was awful. That’s 1-6 in extra innings thus far.Yes, Lester was a powerhouse with 10 strikeouts but made a few mistakes to let Detroit build a comeback.Then Okey had his own problems. But when we have to go 12 or 13 or 14 innings, the options seem pathetic.Scott was born in Long Branch, down the road from where I write, which is also the birthplace of two-time Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky (fellow Red Sox fan,who now resides in Boston and has taught for many years at BU). I want to support the hometown pitcher, but how? Is there another pitching situation that is better for him?  And Ramon can be great, with a wide-up that looks like Valverde’s. Detroit had their own troubles. As Cafardo reports in the Globe, “Leyland and team president Dave Dombrowski made a flurry of moves after the game.” Maybe we don’t need a flurry, but how about a brief shower in the bullpen? Meanwhile, I await Boof Bonser’s return. Medium rare please, with a fiery pepper sauce.


One comment

  1. jack1118

    where is the great red sox pitching? Its going to be a short season if they dont turn it around soon! In extra innings play for a run and bunt-not Franconas style -well thats how you play baseball

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