Pretenders or Contenders?

How superstitious are you? Have you started moving some things around? Red Sox magazine, the foul ball from this year’s spring training game tossed over by a player to your girlfriend? How about the bat I was holding when Damon hit that grand slam in Game 7? I was in a great used bookstore on Route 28 outside of Woodstock, NY years ago and saw the owner holding onto an old bat from the 40’s. He said I hold onto it during every game, while a Yankee broadcast blared from small radio speakers. That’s when I started my habit of swinging in my living room during games.(More about the bat later.)

Maybe it’s my fault for bringing up Damon. Or this identity crisis all the Globe writers are talking about–perhaps I shouldn’t have quoted Butch and Sundance, running up through the mountains, forsaking one horse, then the second, deciding to make their fugitive run on foot, asking “Who are those guys?” about the posse they couldn’t shake. What is it that the Red Sox can’t seem to shake off? Some days it just looks like Spring Training, with all the injuries and shifting line-ups. A few games have been magnificent. Forgive the hyperbole–maybe it’s too early to say a game is magnificent, except for the no-hitter by Ubaldo and the perfect game by Dallas. So who are we? Pretenders or Contenders?

Picture 20.png



  1. Jane Heller

    I don’t think anyone knows if our teams are contenders or pretenders yet. It’s such a long season and injuries and personnel changes can change the course at any time. But superstitions are always helpful. LOL.

  2. crzblue2

    I ddid not know there was another trolley blogger here besides Mike in Brooklyn. HI , Dodger fan here. A belated weclome to the blogsphere.
    My next roadtripi is to Boston to see my Bums. Can’t wait.

    • thomasox

      Thanks for the belated welcome Emma. Much appreciated. I don’t know what the heck I am doing. I had that photo from my Boston trip last year and was thinking of names and wanted something catchy, figured that I could link Thomas to Trolley. Then Mike wrote to me! Funny. I have to tell you that I like catching Dodger games on MLBtv, after everything is over back east, for the voice of Vin Scully, and for Mannywood. What’s up with Sir Ethier? Is he healthy?

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