Black & Blue Sox

on-the-waterfront-7-marlon-brando-karl-malden-eva-marie-saint-terry-malloy-edie-doyle-father-barry.jpgGuess what? I’ll take it.Yup, I was happy about last night’s game. No, I am not writing this from the inside of a bread truck taking me off to yahoo land. After almost turning off the game in the 4th inning, I got to see a brutal but satisfying drama..I feel a bit bruised. But Papi hit one into the second deck. Vmart hit two!  I’ll take it. Papelbon struck out Jeter with a diving splitter. He gets a D+ though from Professor Benjamin at the Globe, who talked about how often he is mixing pitches this season, giving him 9/9 in Saves until last night. 1 splitter out of 15 fast balls isn’t a good mixture. Maybe when you are diluting old-fashioned darkroom chemicals, that is a solid ratio. On the mound???

I am happy I didn’t turn it off like I did on July 24, 2004 when Bill Mueller hit that walk-off at Fenway after the Yankees appeared as though they were rolling over us like the Acela Express. If this were October, I might say we gave up the ghost. But hell, it’s May.

When I met a man from St. Louis at a wedding two weeks ago I asked him if he liked baseball. He said, “Well,  I like the Cardinals,” gulping a Budweiser, the only beer he ever drinks. Well, I love the Red Sox and last night when ESPN showed the Aaron Boone home-run I just about lost my dinner. But hell. I love baseball, all of it.



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    That Boone moment wasn’t fun to watch. I remember it well. I thought his comments after the HR were cool – “this is just…Stupid!” But I think of him this way. If he didn’t break his foot which “necessitated”(?) the Yankees trading to get ARod, there would have never been that game at Fenway with all the Blonde hair Blue eyes masks! LOL.
    Save your lunch! Fight Classics with Counter Classics.

    • thomasox

      Thank you Jane! You are the only Yankee fan who has said that to me today. 🙂 True grace. And I love your blog. Imagine that! What is the world coming to? Haha. From my entry today, you will see that is was sleep covering my eyes.

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