About Last Night & Todd Helton’s Home Run Trot (and what we can learn from it)

Todd Helton1.jpgI needed to change things around. You know about my superstitions. Can you blame me? You see how many pitchers take that little leap over the first base line chalk. I put away my Papelbon jersey, the one I was wearing on Monday night, as well as my Red Sox rocks glass, and took more painkillers in the 5th inning and then turned the damn game off. Then I picked up David Halberstam’s book, The Teammates, and got in bed. The friendships of Williams, Dimaggio, Pesky, and Doerr lasted over 50 years! Of course I am mad to have missed the second night’s drama. I saw it all on highlights this morning when I turned on the TV to check the weather. I would have slept a helluva lot better. What a wild and crazy 18 innings of baseball. I don’t know what else to say, except the grit of a comeback has got to lift us up. Also, my voodoo had the right effect.

In the news cycle there was also something about last night at Wrigley Field: Todd Helton hit his FIRST home run of the year. On May 18th. As he made his way around the bases, Mitch & Associates on the MLB Network were talking about the loyalty and patience the organization has for a player like that. So this is a franchise player, with an entire career on the Rockies, who once hit 49 homers. So his numbers have declined. So he hasn’t hit one yet this season, until last night. Nobody is calling him Todd Hell or anything else disparaging. He is a leader on the team. As he rounded third with that squarish, muscular, slow trot, that seemed to take up the time in which I might eat a pepper and sausage sandwich, I thought of a Red Sox player whose trot is close in kin. On Nomar night, Nomar said he had a family because he put on a Red Sox uniform. We might hate each other sometimes and turn a few dinner plates upside down, but it’s always nice to know those familiar faces when they come off the plane from a trip.

PS. More Rockies: yesterday, I saw Mr Rockpile Ranter’s gracious comments and inclusion on his blog of an email I sent to him after my trip to Denver. He was even generous enough to include my amateur photo, taken with an ancient digital camera(not an oxymoron these days). Thanks D!



  1. junojen

    Hi there! Nice to “meet” you here on MLBlogs. I can always use another Red Sox fan to discuss voodoo rituals and superstitions. So strange we were on the same timeline last night. I guess we helped them win! Whatever works…

    Keep the faith!


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