Poise & Passion

2506761485_7026ee604e.jpgThere were no streakers at our graduation ceremony but there were a few loud hecklers, one student whose voice might have been the equivalent of a liner off the Green Monster, voicing her opposition to the New Jersey Governor’s cuts in education. Overall, it seemed like a good mixture of poise and passion, a combination of what I read today after having to miss everything baseball due to commencement activities.

The two guns I have been relying on, Clay and Lester, gave us security and confidence in victory, for which we have been longing, sometimes desperately. In the passion arena, Professor Benjamin wrote a strong story, with more contentious reader comments than I have seen in a while. One thing I am worried about is the same line so many readers responded with vociferous opposition: “People change you.” I worry that the article, and Papi’s off field blasts therein, will stick and for too long. Remember “I am the straw that stirs the drink?”
I have faith in Papi and I want him in the lineup. He is more than a straw. He can be the whole martini shaker. Is it poise & passion, or poisonous passion?


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