Jason to Jayson

resized_werth.jpgWhen Jayson Werth’s home run took its space shuttle flight last night, all I could think about, besides the unlucky pitch from gritty John Lackey, was not what the pitch lacked but what the height of that soaring ball meant for the Red Sox. Let’s consider, too, what it means for the future of the Green Monster, and how it will look as Werth’s soaring home runs make it look smaller. If that ball left Fenway last night, there would have been parking lot attendees scrambling for it, or perhaps we might have seen kayakers in the Charles paddling after it like they do in San Francisco and did famously ( or infamously) for Barry Bonds. I am not celebrating the Phillies’ slugger right now but am toasting Jason Bay’s number 44,  the Red Sox jersey Werth deserves. It is not my fault for thinking this way. Yesterday, in the Globe’s Extra Bases blog, Professor Abraham casually, but resoundingly to me at least, mentioned Werth was a “Future Red Sox Star.” At Spring Training, the buzz in the stands near the dugout was how awful he looked with his new beard. A few asked if he was doing ad work for Geico now. The beard and locks are trimmer now. I suggest that he let it grow so we can call by him his proper nickname, The Monster, for the face and for the wall he will look above as he watches home runs in flight. As for the home run last night, reports from NASA tell us it has docked safely at the space station.


One comment

  1. junojen

    I thought he resembled the Geico spokesman also – ha ha! That was a huge home run. The Phillies look really tough. I didn’t even realize Francona took Lackey out. That was a pretty stealth switch — or maybe I was rummaging around in the fridge and missed it entirely.

    Anyway – onward and upward…


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