Red Sox Halladays

The first time I saw the Sox play in Citizens Bank Park, in 2006, when it was easier to get tickets there, Josh Beckett hit a home run. Things just seem to go right when we play in Philly.(By the way, my dream World Series is Sox-Phils  I asked Santa Claus last December. He never emailed me back.)
red_sox_santa.jpgThis time it couldn’t get any better. Dice K. Youk. Beltre. Wake, plus the happy return of Ells. It was all what we dreamed in the off-season. The questions about Wake’s potential are always relentlessly doubtful, but he is relentless in proving that he could pitch into his late 40’s as did Phil Neikro, knuckleballer of my youth.(I have to reread the New Yorker Article on Wake and the knuckleball,
“Project Knuckleball” by Ben McGrath from May 17, 2004.) Is the knuckleball better in warmer, humid weather? Something we may have learned in the post-Boone era.Ramon I bemoan Ramirez likes to makes us sweat, and I had fears that he would blow it as he did following Wake on July 3, 2009 against Seattle as I watched from a right field box.Professor Benjamin reported today that Sox starters posted a 1.66 ERA in the last turn through the rotation, allowing seven earned runs over 38 innings. Wow. A 1.66 ERA supports the philosophy of Run Preventionism, a movement we have seen in theory, not so much in practice. And there is that beautiful element called luck that gives us magical moments like Dice-K snaring Future Red Sox Star Werth’s liner.
Can it be any better? I ask in my joyful daze. No. Wait. Assign Ramon to Pawtucket.

Beating the Rays would make me dizzy.
Does anyone know if there is any software that blocks out the sound of cowbells?

PS. Today’s Poetry Prize goes to. . .Amalie Benjamin, for her title “Philly Fooled by Fill-in.” You don’t see that kind of alliteration very often in the papers, something to make the writer of Beowulf proud.

Painting by Frank Tencza



    • thomasox

      Thank you Jane! I am feeling great, indeed. Things are scary in the east. That’s why pitchers go to the National League. Think Brad Dull Penny. Cheers!

  1. soxrocker

    Thanks for the comment and kudos thomasox. I like your stuff here. Very cool. Good game against them Rays tonight. We need quite a few more like that!

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