Red Sox Express

All aboard. All aboard!

Last month I kept rewriting lyrics to Tom Waits’ song, “Big in Japan.” He sings in his throaty growl, “I got the stripes but not the tie, got the boat but not the lake, got the sizzle but not the steak. I was hearing, “got the pitchers but not the pitching, got the bats but not the balls, got the bodies but not the souls.”

I think it was John Kruk two nights ago who said, “[t]his might be the Red Sox train on the move.” Shutting down the Rays two games in a row, and adding more heat to our bbq’d rays platter, makes me feel like the cruel days of April are long gone. My oh May what a month it has been. How does one player go from a .286 slugging percentage to a .792 in a a month to month comparison? More than resounding is Papi’s answer to his you-can-now-eat-crow critics. One wonders if the passionate blues ballad to Amalie in the Globe’s all you can quote buffet of Papi was exactly what the doctor prescribed. Call it good therapy and let’s all move on, because if we don’t we will miss our train, non-stop to the All-Star break, when our place in the standings will look like the landscape we want to photograph from our chosen window seat. All aboard!
Wait, there are a few pieces of baggage you might need to leave behind on the platform. . .


One comment

  1. soxrocker

    Hey Thomas. The Rays series is shaping up to be significant. When I think Tom Waits , I think Swordfishtrombones.
    “Well he came home from the war
    with a party in his head
    and an idea for a fireworks display
    and he knew that he’d be ready with
    a stainless steel machete
    and a half a pint of Ballentine’s
    each day”

    Not sure if it’s Sox related but I’m sure I could make it fit somehow.


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