So Good So Good So Good

nd_sig.jpgI am not using the exclamation points for this entry’s title, so as not to duplicate the Boston Globe Headline for the 2007 World Series victory for fear of hyperbole. But the Sox looked that good. Maybe not 2007-World Series-sweep-good, but sweeping the Rays, with-the-best-record-in- baseball-good. That’s so good.

From what I could see of the dugout during the game, via MLB.Com, this is a club of passionate intensity, to use an overused phrase from Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming. Isn’t this a kind of baseball second coming, at least as far as this season goes? What was fractured and frustrating a few weeks ago has turned into this intensity. The other mood in the dugout was a relaxed, even joyful, confidence with smiles from Yo Adrian!-isn’t-Sox-baseball-fun-Beltre, expressions that I haven’t seen until last night. Jerry Remy pointed out, this is a Red Sox team that is clicking! No more slouching through what some of us worried would be an endless season.

Daniel Bard’s stinging the other night gives me even more hope for this season. Talk about good. In 8 innings of relief he has given up only 2 hits. This is in contrast to Ramon I bemoan Ramirez, who I tip my hat to for last night’s smooth inning. I would much rather tip my hat than tip my drink, which is usually going bottoms up when he comes into any game. I am beginning to imagine what may happen if the Red Sox re-draft Daniel’s younger brother, Luke, in a few years. Has there ever been a brother to brother save situation? Ah. So good.

Now back to my breakfast of leftover bbq’d stingray. Spicy, and a perfect accompaniment to my scrambled eggs.

PS. Today’s Poetry Prize goes to Peter Abraham for his Anglo-Saxonic Tweet(did I just write that?), which he wrote in the 9th inning: ” The cowbell clangers depart downcast.That’s two perfectly accented syllables in each half of the line with two alliterative phrases. Beautiful!


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