Country Joe and the Fish

I am still trying to figure out Joe Nelson’s step, mid-windup, which precisely resembles another pitcher. Maybe we can get Batting Stance guy Gar Ryness to do a follow up book on windups? I am going off-track here, as promised by the blog’s sub-heading. Sometimes you just have to follow your mission and mine is going off-track. Before I go any further, allow me to raise my Cooperstown Cookie and cup of Coffee to our walloping comeback.

Here’s to you,VMART! (and again, again, and again. Wow 5 for 5!)
And here’s to you, Bill Hall!
And here’s to you, Dustin!
And here’s to you, yo, Adrian!
And, to the Bard of Boston, 101!!

Finally, I offer a half-nod to Country Joe (formerly Ordinary Joe) Nelson. Nelson has traversed the east coast, with a stint in KC(with his desire to be near water only slightly quenched by their outfield waterfalls),returning to the Sox from two fish teams, the Marlins and the cartilaginous Rays. We have the Charles River, but he’s happy anyway. He give up one hit last night but had two impressive strikeouts. For me, this was a good closing to a great comeback, even if the stands emptied by half(what the hell is this about, by the way? doesn’t anyone stay until the last out anymore??). If Ramon I bemoan Ramirez came out, the final score would have been 9-7. Our local hero(here in Asbury Park, NJ), Scott Schoeneweis, could have taken it on in April, not May, and not in the least, June.

When I started the last paragraph, as my last, with “finally,” I was lying.
In the midst of Lackeyisms flying all over, going tweet, tweet, tweet in Twitter universe, (What is Lackey lacking? etc.,etc. .) I bow to and stand with John Lackey. I don’t really care how much money he is earning every time he throws a pitch. He hasn’t been his best, but we aren’t even at the All-Star break. The guy is a workhorse and when we need him in the playoffs, he will gut it out, inning after inning, even if he has to throw 130 pitches, turning green in the face.

As I have already semi-ranted on, can we please stop talking about $$$$. MLB has a total revenue of over five BILLION dollars. That’s big business. But it’s big business because we love the game, and not only that, baseball brings work to many people from ticket hawkers to beer vendors( there is a good story on NPR about Baseball Vendors from 2003).
What are we fighting for?  . . .let’s put down our guns and pick up our books and go off to the game.



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