Colonel John Michael McHugh, 1963-2010

alg_mchugh.jpgMemorial services for John were held today in my hometown, West Caldwell, NJ. This is where I watched him play baseball, soccer, and basketball, my older brother Ed’s teammate and friend.

He was their Varitek, Captain and catcher. And so much more. As you can read from the following blogs and articles, John McHugh was one of the finest human beings one could ever meet. His older brother, Jim, was my coach for several years. This was the kind of family who dedicated themselves to the community and to children. John gave himself to his country. A true hero. Long live Johnny Mac:

Jeff Bradley on John McHugh

Remembering Johnny Mac

As an aspiring sports photographer, I covered high school sports for a local paper. Here is one of my shots of John




  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    My most deepest appreciation and gratitude to him for giving ALL while in service of our Country. This veteran humbly salutes you. Rest Well. To his Family and Friends; my heartfelt sympathies and condolances for loosing what I understand to be a most righteous man. May peace come to you all.
    mike BTB

  2. the_phanatic_addict

    Hi Michael,

    Wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and return the favor. I also wanted to pass along my regrets for the loss of your friend John. Best of luck to you and the Sox… Unless we meet later this season.


  3. thomasox

    Thank you Peter and Michael.
    People are always talking trash about Phillies’ fans. I know from first-hand experience, Philly produces quality fans, truly good people. (Heading to Philly tonight for the game.)
    Thank you for your kind wishes. Baseball brings people together. This is another meaningful example. Also, Jeff Bradley, who wrote the ESPN piece is the brother of Bob Bradley, Coach of the USA World Cup Soccer team. Pretty amazing how filled with talent the brothers Bradley.

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