Monday Morning Pitcher

TomBrady-Sox1.jpgThe Orioles snapped a ten-game losing streak yesterday and I snapped an 11-day blog writing streak. Both were conscious, willful decisions.My reasons were personal, as you can see from the previous entry. (Thank you for the comments and emails from many new blogosphere friends.)

In fact, the Orioles reasons for winning were personal, too. It seemed they clawed back yesterday, determined to avert a sweep in front of a mixed crowd, where Sox fans chanting “Let’s Go Red Sox,” were so audible on my computer that I was confused about the game’s park. The O’s fans valiantly chanted back. Ah, Fenway South. It hurts being an O’s fan, so the players wrestled back for them. So why are you reading this on a Red Sox blog you are asking by now. Do I really need to hear pity for a team we needed to sweep?

Maybe it’s the gracious O’s fan, a colleague, who lives in Maryland (yes, he has a two hour commute,as opposed to my 12 minutes). Ken, a lifelong fan, was the first person I thought of when I found out I couldn’t go to the game on Friday. He suffered an 11-0 defeat, all while sitting behind the Red Sox dugout in our Fenway South filled stands. Of course it was all beautiful to me, and to us. As was Saturday. And then Sunday happened, all the clunky, just- missed plays, the bloopers, the hit-by-pitches, the sore backs, the decreased velocity of Lackey, the errors, the 0-for-Ortiz, the high-pitch counts, topped off with a high-dosage of bubble-gum mixed with tobacco for Tito.

The good news is that we are 14-5 over the last 19 games.

The good news is that Lackey isn’t injured given the suggestions yesterday about his velocity. It seems that Sox fans are going to protest each game Lackey grinds out. I have vowed my faith and remain by it. If the Antagonistas de Lackey continue their uprising, so be it. He will win the next time out. Before then, I suggest looking at the stats from the last 9 years. His record is 108-75. At 6’6″ and 245, he will give us the innings and win games, even sometimes when our bats get quiet.

PS. As I linked to the Globe to look over our place in the standings, I saw Professor Cafardo’s article about how meaningful this win was for the Orioles. I hope my entry doesn’t seem too unoriginal given the tone of Nick’s terrific insights. “To Orioles, this was a big deal.” But what the heck, I am writing as the Monday Morning Pitcher. Also, I await the return of the Boof. Where’s the Boof? His velocity is back up at 95 in a rehab session.

On the IPOD as I write this: Reckoner by Radiohead


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