Photo by Mary Murphy, Providence Journal

There are readers of this site who have a mild or not so mild disdain for puns and language games that play with player names. I tried to avoid it for a few days, but why worry, they probably won’t come back anyway.This heading has several not so deep meanings. Of course, we are talking about Justin Masterson.How can we not? Nine innings of masterful (oops) shutout pitching brilliance. It was the best start of his young career.His motion seemed completely locked in, as his 9th inning delivery was identical to his first, even with 95 mph fastballs.He looked like the kind of pitcher we should have kept. I am not saying the trade was unjustified. It was a great move for the Sox, but why do we have to give up young pitchers? I guess that is an obvious question. They are good trade bait. Masterson is 25 and in my limited view still growing. Two years ago, after his Boston debut (pictured above), Catcher Kevin Cash commented on how composed he was throughout the game in which he threw 95 pitches, 58 for strikes, with his great sinker.

In printer’s terms, justified means to form an even surface or true line with something else. In facing Justin, Red Sox bats were not finding any true lines with the ball. Jerry Remy said it was the worst game of the year for the Sox. I might agree, but not so far behind is the pounding we took against the Yankees. But CLEVELAND? The only remedy now is to bring Masterson back next year.

As I watched the last three outs, mainly to see Masterson complete the game, with many fans on their feet including some drunk Red Sox fans( hey if you traveled all the way to Cleveland for the game, why not cheer him on?), I wondered who was left in the Twittersphere, since no one was really commenting anymore after the Boof Bonser implosion. Following that was Ordinary Joe Nelson. Apocalyptically bad was what came to my mind, and even more true since I felt like the last surviving Red Sox fan on MLB.com. Professor Abraham made the most hysterical comment: “Nap Lajoie, who died in 1959, just got on base against Joe Nelson.” Thank you Peter for the comic relief when we desperately needed it. Perfect

Abuzz with language plays, coverage of the game includes these, a few of my favorites:
“Master of his Craft”
“He leaves the Red Sox with a sinking feeling.”

Go Sox. And long live the (good) pun.




  1. devilabrit

    So Masterson is the first pitcher to win 4 straight at Fenway in his first 4 starts since 1912, yep good enough reason to trade him to the Tribe….I agree long live the pun…good or bad is dependent on the volume of alcohol intake…. glad you had fun at the bank the other night….

    Phillies Outside

  2. junojen

    Hi, Michael —

    I’m here! You are not the last surviving Red Sox fan (yet). Thanks for holding down the fort. I love puns and word play. I still refer to John Lackey as Lackey-luster. I hope he proves me wrong soon.

    Last night’s loss was an absolute heartbreaker. Such is the life of a Red Sox fan.


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