Cole-lateral Damage

Every time the Red Sox were about to break through yesterday, Hamels silenced their bats. This is the Cole Phillies fans love, as opposed to the 2009 sophomore slump year, which proved pretty ugly in the post-season.

My Monday Morning Pitcher Comments are as follows:

1) When Jose Contreras, the Phils equivalent to our Ramon-which way will things go today-Ramirez, I thought we were due for a 4 or 5 run rally. It was just that kind of day. A few starts but nothing to finish.

2)  . .Unless you are Daniel Nava, who was greeted with a standing ovation in the 3rd when he came to the plate. His broken bat single in the 9th looked damned good. Not a pretty hit but the kind you see in a player who grinds out the at-bat and the punches a ball through to centerfield. Don’t forget what we saw in the 8th–he can play left field with finesse.

3) Without Youk in the line-up yesterday, I didn’t expect a sweep. Not against Cole Hamels.

4) The late game chants of “Beat L.A!” were prompted, from what I could see, by two idiot Laker Fans taunting the crowd by touring the grandstand walkway. Lucky for them, this was after last call.

5) One of the best plays I’ve seen in pro basketball happened last night in the final minutes of the game. You know the one.

6)Don’t forget to vote for the Hall of Very Very Good at METrospection & more

7) As I looked at a photo(one I took in 1985 when I was posing as a pro photographer) of my candidate, Dale Murphy, I noticed an interesting resemblance to number 1 draft pick, Bryce Harper. What do you think? (see below.) Luis Tiant, by the way, had already been nominated. I would have added many other possible Sox choices but thought Luis deserved the spotlight

8) Speaking of the draft, I was happy to see two local Jerseyans in the Sox list, names you know by now: Anthony Ranaudo and Jayson Hernandez, both from Jackson NJ, down the road 15 minutes from where I write this.

9)Teddy’s number. The conclusion. No game. Hit play on dvd player with Fever Pitch inside.

dale1 (Small).jpg

Dale Murphy, Spring Training, 1985

photo by Thomasox



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