Brothers Drew

As I sat in the right field bleachers in Atlanta for a Braves-Red Sox game, the Sox fan behind me kept yelling. He wasn’t cheering the Sox or rooting for the Braves, whose fans were outnumbered. Instead, he was trying to remind J.D. Drew of the game he was playing. “It’s called baseball, Drew !!” It was 2007, the first year of Drew’s contract. Apparently, this fan thought Drew was overrated and earning too much money.Without the requisite intensity or on-field emotion, he wasn’t worth it, explained the fan to his buddies. (This is the same fan who needed to describe the exact proportions of all his ex-girlfriends while I sat with my 9-year old nephew trying to focus on the game.) But am I arguing that this fan was completely without cause? Maybe. If you have read a few of my previous posts, you know that I don’t talk about money. Baseball is big business because we love the game. Enough said.

More on my mind is that of the Brothers Drew, all of whom were First-Round draft picks(pretty amazing, don’t you think?), the Red Sox signed the best brother. Stephen still has many years to play, but I don’t imagine he will produce the number of clutch hits J.D. has given the Sox. I almost forgot, (how could I) his game-winner against Tampa Bay in Game 6 of the ACLS, completing one of the greatest comebacks ever. See image below. I forgot about it because I was thinking about the grand-slam against Cleveland in 2007, a home-run that proved J.D. could hit in  the postseason. One of only three postseason grand-slams in Red Sox history.

Last night, two of the Drew brothers played against one another for the 16th time. (Their brother Tim’s career ended prematurely because of arm troubles.This is a good radio piece about him. Tim Drew NPR story)
J.D. collected two hits. Quietly. Without men on base, there was no real reason to notice. But we are almost halfway to the postseason. This is where Drew might be in the headlines for more than brotherly reasons, and with all the drama we hope for in a player.
101708_jd_drew_rays (Custom).jpg

PS. Thanks to Saribel San Martin, who got me thinking about the Brothers Drew with her comments on Twitter during the game.


  1. southernbelle

    Of all the Red Sox, I hate J.D. Drew the least. He’s seems like a very quiet player who just goes about his business, and plays quality baseball. Is it true that some fans call him “Nancy Drew?” That’s stupid.
    I think this is the first time I’ve visited your blog. Very nice 🙂

  2. thomasox

    Hi Virgina,
    Thank you for visiting my blog! How nice to have an unexpected visitor, especially a Yankee fan. Yes, I have heard Nancy Drew, among other things. Anyway, I will visit your blog soon.

  3. redsoxmelissa

    Hi, I was just going to say that Red Sox fans call him “Nancy Drew” , and saw that Virginia posted about it.

    J.D. is an okay baseball player, but he is WAY over paid. He doesn’t bring much to the Red Sox, yet has one of the biggest salaries on the team. He strikes out constantly, and that’s why he gets called Nancy Drew.

    Yes, he’s a quiet player who just likes to play baseball, but the Red Sox need an on-fire player, especially with Jacoby Ellsbury out of the out field and the lineup.

    Interesting post!!


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