Humidification can be a good thing. For example, good hand-rolled cigars require 70 percent humidity along with 70 degree air temps. Humidity can be good for your skin, too. Dousing your teammates with champagne, as well as receiving it, is quite rare for baseball players of course, but perhaps it is the pinnacle of humidity.

When the Rockies starting humidifying baseballs in 2002, home runs balls starting dropping into gloves rather than in the stands, as is the way with reducing steroid use(which one can see as another type of “humidification”) The bright sunset gave way to Colorado air last night, with it’s mile high reduced oxygen, but Red Sox bats were diluted as well. Even with pre-2002 terms, the Sox might not have done much..

But heck, a winning streak has to end somewhere and why not in Colorado? We were just hoping the loss would have been notched against Ubermensch Ubaldo and not Chacin. I have seen Chacin throw some excellent games this year, so it might not be such a big surprise.

When I visited Coors Field in April, I told a woman who was at the game with her daughter and grandchildren that I was Red Sox fan(she asked me where I was from), and she said, with a note of sadness, “Oh no, our only World Series and you swept us. But we are happy to see you here anyway.” That was how it was in every part of that park. I loved being there.

R.I.P RISP: We had a few great opportunities with bases loaded. The grandest moment was Papi’s entrance, which brought the crowd to its feet. Nothing doing there and the seat cushions sighed too.

Lowellations: Driving in the tying run with a pinch-hit single would have been perfect for Mike Lowell. He’s a great hitter, not of 2007 prowess, but last night I question the move. He might have still been thrown out if the ball went to the left fielder.

Can we beat the Ubermensch? Back in April I was lucky enough to find a seat behind home plate, 7th row, a few days before the game, with the help of Tina who works in a Rockies Dugout Store on 16th street. Ubaldo’s pitches were incredibly varied, with a slider that came down from Pike’s Peak. Beltre is our best bet again tonight.


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