Humidified: Part Two

At the end of our 8-1 run, as we were westward bound, I asked Professor Abraham if there were any challenges ahead. Of course he said, Jimemez, Cain, and Lincecum. In my joy, I had forgotten about two of the best pitchers in the National League. My bet was that our bats would be the ones to challenge Ubaldo. I wasn’t bold enough to put it in writing. Right now, I think Cain will be more overpowering than Timmy. Again, just a hunch. Hunches don’t always win you money.

As I drove north from Atlantic City and passed Exit 58, I thought of no one else but Papelbon.I was cut off from the baseball world because I was winning money on a slot machine called The Time Machine. My luck was best in the game’s past, where my paths led me to ancient ruins with green emerald’s behind them.Papelbon’s Coors Field past proved much better than the present. I kept getting reports on the games only with distant views of large tv screens and espn highlight reels.Some of it was painful to watch. After reading today, I am happy to know Pap eventfully and eventually closed the game last night.This kept me in mind of the consecutive appearances against the Yankees(By the way, it was nice to see Yankee hats outnumbered by Phillies hats by about 5 to 1 in a single location in New Jersey.) Pap finished it on a higher note. He’s still the closer, no matter what, as our middle relief is still plagued by inconsistenticitis.

So what happened to the humidified baseballs? Do the filters down there need cleaning?

I finally saw the highlights of the Dustin Laser Show. Incredible is all I can say.

The 7%  air humidity in Denver will turn into 83% humidity in San Francisco. Quite a different feel on the field I would imagine.

Let’s hope the glory of Rome is not of another day but for Wake and company brightest in the city by the bay, where the knuckleball will have more heart in its dance.


Blogging Duo: Cheers to Rockpile D Ranter and Dr. Sox Rocker, sharing the stands for dual blogging in Denver.


  1. soxrocker

    Dr Thomas
    Watched last night’s game til the end. I was trying to WILL a WIN and dammit we got it. Thanks for the recognition of the Blog Swap thing. The series ended on an up note and despite respecting the Rox, they can’t have it all against the Sox. There are laws of nature after all.
    Go Sox.

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