Earthquakes and a Win

IMG_0679 (Small).JPG1989, San Francisco: I was about to pick up the phone to call my brother back east, to see if he was tuning into Game 1 of the Bay series. I felt a rumbling in the floor like a large truck was going by, close by. Then I saw the windows outside my 6th floor studio, the ones in the building across the street facing the sun start to ripple.Luckily I was standing in a doorway, exactly where one is supposed to stand in an earthquake. A tear went through my wall and the floor swayed in the same way it feels standing in a small boat on a rough ocean. After 15 seconds, it stopped. I was lucky. The city was lucky.

Despite all the damage, there were fewer casualties than were estimated on the first night. What saved many people was baseball. I am not trying to be too sentimental about our game. This was literally true. Since thousands of people in the Bay Area had left work early to get to the game, which had a 5:00 start to sync with east coast TV, those fans were not on the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate or on their normal commuting routes. Candlestick Park turned out to be a safe haven. As Joe Dimaggio was helped, along with many others, out of his tumbling Marina home, the city showed incredible commitment to others, a real sense of pride for a beautiful city.

It is hard for me to separate San Francisco from that memory, even when I tune in to  watch the Sox play in a brand new park, Professor Abraham’s favorite outside of Fenway. But it also gives me optimism in light of Dustin’s injury, which is the hardest one to swallow of this whole season. I have hope that he and the Sox will pull through. Some great plays yesterday are clear examples of our resilience.

Cameroning On: As I have written here before, watching Mike Cameron play center in Spring Training was illuminating. Every hit ball that I thought would drop he charged and caught with great ease. Yesterday’s catch was spectacular. When he rose from the dust. . . .a clear metaphor doesn’t need explanation.

Relief:  As a second stage of agida started yesterday watching Clay pull up running to second, I wanted to blame MLB for interleague play and promise not to watch or buy tickets for another cross pollinating game. But please, Clay, do some more jogging before the game. You don’t need to follow Tim Wakefield’s example of tough base-running. He can get away with that. Anyway, the relief troops proved themselves finally. I also like the looks of 2006 5th round pick Dustin Richardson. Of course, Atchison was terrific, too. My thoughts on the whole pitcher pinch hitting thing: stupid. Keep our pitchers off the basepaths and let them drop sac bunts, even when no one else is on.

Papelbonus:  A great close for Pap. I repeat, he is our closer. No doubts about that from this trolley’s view. But Pap, do you have to say things like “it had nothing to do with the team”??? It always has something to do with the damn team.

All In: This is a team effort, let by Tito. Since I was lucky with a few bets this week, I am putting all chips in for Lester, and everyone behind him.


photo by Thomasox


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  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    You’ve tapped into a fetish of mine; Newspaper front pages….of baseball of course and some other things. : )

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