More than Pulling Through

IMG_0681 (Medium).JPGAs mentioned yesterday, it takes more than one person to get through the damage. Unless that one person is Jonathan Lester. As the duo of Clay & Lester have done all season, they are the calming and cooling agents. Of course with Clay’s black and blue leg, he is joining the shaken and beat up clan.

The exact 7.0 Richter scale measure of the Loma Prieta quake was something we could understand, but it’s effects and aftershocks were much less certain.One aftershock, a  5.0 six months later woke me up out of deep sleep. I decided then that I would rather have a quake strike in the waking hours.

I might suggest that with all the injuries over the weekend that we never return to the city by the bay. But if you check out our numbers against National League opponents, this inter-league thing is more than fruitful for the Sox. They say Cy Young winner of the National League, we say a win. My bet was on Lester yesterday; my only regret is that I didn’t call a bookie.

As we head back to Fenway, Martinez’s thumb increases our worry. But imagine coming out of San Francisco having lost three straight. The Monday morning blues might have been the darkest of the season.It’s pretty hot outside here in Asbury Park. The dogs on leashes look a bit slower.But I am hoping the other heat, the Red Sox kind, continues when we face Tampa. Let’s dispose of the three-way race and make the second half battle much clearer. We’ve already climbed out of the rubble of April & May.


photo by thomasox



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Tampa’s dugout had a little taste of chaos yesterday. Maybe that trumps the Sox’ injuries in the series. It’s brutal when injuries come in bunches. I think things will look very different for many teams by the 4th of July! ~ Let the fireworks begin. I think we’re headed into a very interesting trade deadline period.

  2. soxrocker

    They say NL CY Young and we say win! Right on Brother! Halladay? SMACK. Lincecum? SMACK. Ubaldo? Made Coors feel very small very quickly. As close to W as you can get against him. I’ll call the SMACK on that one too!

    ipod shuffler: BLACK MOUNTAIN “Don’t Run our Hearts Around”
    Go Sox.

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