The Bard of Boston

Pitchers.JPGBy now you may have guessed I have a strange fascination with middle relief. For example, the odd journey of Cla Meredith is one I’ve followed for several years. Besides his infamous one-third of an inning at Fenway in 2005, when he closed the season with 27.00 ERA, he was sent to the Padres to bring Mirabelli back to catch knuckleballs for Wake. You remember. Then he returned to Fenway in April and threw his first career save when the O’s beat us 7-6. Now he is in the minors pitching for Norfolk. That’s after several seasons with the Padres and O’s, as a middle reliever. This might be the story of the Sox bullpen and the multiple roster moves. Boof, Country Joe Nelson,  Scott Atch, now Dustin Richadrson. Wakefield was in the mix, too, for middle relief. Last night we had four pitchers before reaching Papelbon’s save. Bard threw one-third of an inning, With two relievers in the high 90s, I am confident about the second half of the season. Oki still stirs our anxieties. When breaking balls don’t drop, they fly into the seats. Somewhere in there, underneath the hood of the pen is the right combination.  As suggested today by the Sox, we might have to make a few moves. In my limited fan’s view, a reliable pattern of relievers seems to work. Otherwise our journey to a win is somewhat like searching for Oz


No place like home? Cla Meredith dressed as Dorothy for Padres Rookie Hazing photo from

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