Fenway Classic: July 2, 2009

One of my most memorable days ever, as a Red Sox fan or in my life, was watching my nephew, Derrick Thomas, play at Fenway. As draft pick #44, he was invited to play in the exhibition game for draftees. As the only other Sox fan in the family, he was especially thrilled that the Sox picked him out of high school. He is playing for the University of Memphis now, with hopes of a redraft in a few years.

This was only his second time at Fenway. The first? Buchholz’s no-hitter.

DSCN0660 (Large) (Small).JPG

DSCN0711 (Large) (Small).JPG

DerrickYaz (Large).jpg

Derrick warming up, while Yaz watches his grandson, Michael take batting practice

DSCN0727 (Large).JPG

And the family. What a day.



  1. raysfanboy

    Whoa. That is some cool stuff! I better start putting pressure on my nephew right now! Poor kid, he’s only 3. Can’t start too early!

    Very cool to see how important your family is to you and how proud you are of his accomplishment. I hope he has a great season at Memphis and gets drafted again.


  2. thomasox

    Many many thanks for your kind words and good wishes. Derrick’s first season was ok. A huge transition for him. But I was watching on the internet when he hit a 400 foot home run, his first and only shot of the year. Definitely looking forward to seeing what he does next year.
    Funny about putting pressure on your nephew at 3. Once, when Derrick was 3, I threw him a wiffle ball from about 20 feet away and he drilled it back to me so hard I could barely get out of the way and the ball smacked me on the forehead, where I had a welt for a day.

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