Wake, Brother Drew, Sir Papelbon & that guy in  headphones

First, it’s the eyes that go. Our 5th decade welcomes us this way. (ESPN The Magazine is forcing me, by the way, to finally go for an eye exam. Their preview pages make me read like Gov. Paterson with his pen, vetoing legislation and his nose an inch from the page.)

Then later it’s the ears, but with much more irreparable damage. When Drew Brees held his son while confetti fell after the Super Bowl, we took note of the headphones. Important protection in a large stadium. A smart move, too, when you are  at Fenway 70 to 80 games a year. It’s hard not to notice the fan with headphones behind homeplate. Last night, with two outs in the 9th, there were more fans who might have needed them. On their feet, they cheered for the efficient, diverse save by Sir Papelbon and I was happy to see and hear some noise at Fenway.

Earlier in the week, the empty seats were pissing me off. How many fans regret leaving in the 6th inning of Game 6 against the Rays in 2008, where optimism was rewarded with one of the greatest comebacks by the Sox.Game winning hit? Brother Drew. As was the case last night. I know, Daniel-not-so-hot-as-lava -lately-Nava hit that blooper for the game winner. But Drew’s beautiful swing sent shots monster-wise.Something, though, for Navav that ought to help him spew some heat again.

But back to fandom and its requirements. Why can’t people stay until the end of the game? I know I know. Plenty of real reasons. But lately it’s more noticeable. Last night was different. And Sir Pap was the pitcher Professor Benjiman wrote about on May 14, using an 82 mph slider contrasted with 96 on the fastball. Really quite perfect.

Perfect and quick, Wakefully. For the shortest game time since 2002, Tim Wakefield knuckled more strikes than he has all season and won at Fenway since the start before I saw him on July 3, 2009, exactly one year ago. Must I remind us again of how Pap threw a great 9th to hold the tie and then Ramon gave up two runs in the 10th? I shouldn’t mention it again. It was just that Ramon ruined the real positive mood from the day before(see yesterday’s entry). Hey, it’s a team effort Sorry Ramon.

Cheers to Wake and the grip that makes age meaningless.


Right of the Pesky Pole: Notes

Lady Gaga & Brother Drew?
Saribel, our Red Sox fan Forever in Florida, told me that Gaga’s “Bad Romance” was playing after the home run? Gaga and JD?  . . .nah . . .

Sir Pap?
99 out of 100 people surveyed say they would never call Pap, “Sir Pap.” Just think of him in goggles doing his drunken Irish dance in bike shorts. “What a wacko,” commented that idiot announcer from Fox(I have erased his name from memory ever since. He is the same dope who openly insulted Stephen King while interviewing King in the stands during the 07 playoffs.) Anyway, you’ve heard all the other insults lobbed at Pap. I remain true to my word. He is our closer. And we should sign that big contract, let’s say 4 years? Look at how few closers actually close and save games on a regular basis. He’s 3rd in the AL.
. .


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  1. raysfanboy

    Hey, if Gaga makes you play longball, why not? What guy insulted King? That p’s me off! I love King! (Wrote a good book about your team, btw, FAITHFUL–good stuff) I still can’t believe how good Wakefield is at his age. Pretty amazing guy.


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