Lost & Found


Cameron Smith, AP Photo

I was distracted yesterday, since I was happy to get on the road to see some live baseball. Sadly, I wasn’t on my way to see the Sox. Or perhaps not so sadly. After watching highlights and reading some of the brutish details of miscommunication, I realize my travels were much more fruitful.

The lucky pairs of dice I usually set up when Dice-K pitches went missing. Then I ran out of time and we had to head out to Philly, where the temps stayed in the low 90s and where my lovely girlfriend sat patiently while we sweated out the first 6 innings.We drank lots of water and I held lemon ice against her forehead. (To my fellow gentleman baseball fans, you might consider some different brands of deodorant and/or a nice cologne. It’s a baseball game, I know, but you know . ..do something and you will Smell better)

There was relief later when, after Greg Dobbs’ home run put the Phils ahead, we headed to McFadden’s inside the park, where the AC was pumping. And also where at game’s end in celebration of Halladay’s beautiful complete game, beautiful women wearing x-mas in July elf miniskirts were pouring shots straight out of the bottles into the mouths of thirsty boys and girls, whose necks craned up like baby birds.This was relief, and it was all my girlfriend’s idea. Those womens are smarter, ye see. And they smell nice too, even in 100 degree heat.

Back to the Sox. Off-track again. Derailed. But not much more than our pitching efforts last night. As I watched the board at Citizen’s Bank Park, I was excited by the Sox’s lead built against Garza, especially after last Wednesday’s ace performance. But I reminded myself, the game was long from over. I just had that feeling.I won’t say more about the middle relief. See last week’s entries. You are tired of my bemoaning Ramon. Nor can I solve the mysteries of Dice-K, any more than I can solve the dealings of Jacoby’s hidden path to health. Everyone knows it. A deal is coming. Patti Smith is singing in my earphones. Bob Dylan’s “Changing of the Guards.”  How about throwing Dice into the pen??? There are no other solutions. Dice in middle relief. A new nickname is on the horizon. A new life found?

“A messenger arrived, with a black nightingale. . .peace will come with tranquility and a splendor on the wheels of fire, but will bring us no reward when her false idols fall. . .”



  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Hey Michael,
    That is really awesome you were able to see Halladay’s gem, a great game to be at (aside from that heat). Sounds like an awesome time; Citizens Bank Park is a ballpark I really want to visit someday.
    Also, gotta say I feel your sense of something big coming, Theo is going to make some sort of deal, and soon. Maybe one involving a certain slugger from San Diego? Here’s hoping…

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

  2. raysfanboy

    I am really surprised at how the series has gone thus far. You guys should have won Game 1. Game 2 could have gone either way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be up 2-0 in this series, but I know karma. If we sweep you here, you’ll just sweep us there. That is how it has gone all season long!


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