Down on the Farm

IMG_0723 (Custom).JPGThere are many farms down here in Virginia, but there is also a long tradition, as you know, of minor league baseball.Since I was staying twenty minutes down the road from Lynchburg, I decided to catch the Salem Red Sox when they visited the Hillcats, who recently became a Cincinnati farm team after serving Pittsburgh, and many years ago, the Sox.

IMG_0706 (Custom).JPG99 Degrees on the field at game time at Calvin Falwell Field. and country singer Sarah Darling handled the heat while giving a great pre-game set, including a terrific cover of U2’s 90’s hit, “With or Without You.”

IMG_0715 (Small).JPG
Pitcher Pat Ryan stopped by the corner of the dugout to see family members who have been traveling this summer to watch him play.

IMG_0716 (Custom).JPG
Oscar Tejeda warming up.

IMG_0721 (Small).JPG
Ryan Dent, Oscar, and Stomy Pimental lined up during the National Anthem also sung by the Hillcats’ guest, Sarah Darling.

IMG_0727 (Custom).JPGIMG_0713 (Custom).JPG
Alex Hassan leading off after one of his two hits.

IMG_0730 (Custom).JPG 
Miquel Gonzalez throwing some of his own heat as the sun went down.

IMG_0742 (Small).JPG 
Drew Hedman on deck.

IMG_0752 (Custom).JPG 
What would a minor league game be without a dancing mascot. The Hillcats’ “Southpaw” showing his moves over the visitor’s dugout.

IMG_0758 (Small).JPG 
The beautiful Virginia sunset, with the temps diving all the way down to 89. .

IMG_0761 (Custom).JPG 
The seventh inning stretch lacked some participation, but it was followed by “Sweet Caroline.” A generous nod to the Sox from the Hillcats?

IMG_0763 (Custom).JPG
My Official Carolina League Ball, signed by Oscar Tejeda, along with my Salem hat

IMG_0769 (Custom).JPG
Photos by Thomasox

Right of the Pesky Pole Notes:

One of the more impressive things on the field, besides some of the real power in the line-up, which delivered an 11-2 win, is the powerful arm of third baseman, Will Middlebrooks. Also quite revealing in person is the quickness of Tejeda’s hands at the plate. This is an attribute that seems to display itself much clearer at a live game, especially from the first row. Oscar has great potential and reminds me of Alfonso Soriano. 2009 20th round pick Alex Hassan impresses with a strong swing. The power of 2009 50th round pick, Drew Hedman is more than apparent. Hedman looks to me like a draftee of much higher value.

Attendance is up this year at Minor League ballparks and I was truly happy to be a part of it. Next stop? Maybe the Iron Pigs when the Pawsox arrive in Allentown.



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Long live SouthPaw! Sweet ~ The Famous Carolina League.
    I think next year I will have to over-compensate for my lack of games this year. Grrr! As a matter of fact I’m going to start some preliminary road trip planning tonight. You just gave me something to do! Thanks. LOL

  2. theheirloom

    Love the photos from the Lynchburg-Salem game in the Carolina League!

    I love getting away to the minors on occasion – thanks to access to the Midwest League, the PCL down in Des Moines, indy league teams in St. Paul and Fargo, and a summer collegiate league called the Northwoods League (non-MLB farm affiliated). They bring a perspective to those of us with easy access to the bigs how real the game can be without the fancy facilities and real community support.

    Thanks for sharing these!

  3. the_phanatic_addict

    Great stuff! Where are the reviews of the food? Hahaha! One thing I really want to try and do is get more of my own pictures into my blog like you did here. It’s great and it gives it such a nice touch. Gives it that home cooked goodness! Minor League games are so much fun. I wish that more people got out there to enjoy them. If you do head to Allentown let me know. It’s not that far from me, maybe we could meet up.

    Yeah, Ibanez has looked a lot better. He’s doing pretty damn good in the 2 and 3 spots. I just hope they can put away the Mets. Halladay is kinda laboring right now. It is getting too close for comfort.

    As always thanks for stopping by my blog.


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