Boo Johnny Boo?

It’s that time again.
Another occasion to decide the moral consequences of the past. Another opportunity to decide (and actually vote) whether a former Sox player ought to receive cheers or boos when he shows his face, still clean-shaven, in Fenway Park.

At the risk of vanity and sounding like it’s a Thomas’ Trolley-centric universe, I quote from this blog:

“What is important, too, is how one returns. Professor Cafardo at the
Globe has mentioned some important pieces of the whole ritual
yesterday.Manny ignoring people he has known for years and deciding not
to speak to the press all weekend is objectionable. More importantly,
as a fan, I think he could have waved or tipped his hat. He could have
learned something from the way The Johnny Demon so graciously bowed and
tipped his hat before he stepped into the box to almost everyone on the
field, including the ball girls.”

After much thought again about the Johnny Demon issue, I am going to vote in favor of the way I might react at the game, in the seats, not watching the game on television. When I saw Damon play during spring training against the Phillies, the fans booed him heartily. One fan behind me said, “Aw come on, give the guy a break.” There was reason to boo him. He helped defeat the Phils in a crucial series turning victory.

Again, I quote from this blog:
“Then I wondered how feasible it was to keep Damon away from the Yankees. What’s difference between having a 36-year old Cameron and holding onto a Damon, one Globe reader asked. Good question. The Tigers often talk about what a difference he makes in the clubhouse.”

Damon made a difference in a Red Sox uniform, on the field and in the clubhouse. You know the plays.Now, he looks better, much better, in a Detroit uniform.

Let’s celebrate the past, in the best forgiving way possible. It was business and business in baseball can break the heart. But so can a misjudged fly ball or an 86-year spell.
I am going with the 77% of voters and with my would be plans if I were standing in bleachers. Thanks for the memories Johnny.



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’m with you. At this point I’m applauding Johnny (once a game ~ that’s all they get). I remember when Darryl Strawberry came back for the first time. I went. We booo’d him mercilessly when he got up the first time. Later in the game he hit a home run and we gave him a standing “O”.
    I guess it depends on the player and the history. Manny could/should have been much more gracious!

  2. angelsgirl012

    It’s always hard when a player leaves especially when that player was so instrumental to a team’s success. We have John Lackey you all have Johnny Damon. Though it seems more fans are still friendly towards Damon while Angel fans quickly forgot about Lackey’s accomplishments at the big A and just slammed him for going to the Red Sox 😛 However I agree, celebrating the past is a good way to respect a player who’s left your team

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