Youkilis’ Thumb

zGiEzKb9ep662xmhaAJdLVXlo1_500.jpgI keep picturing Youk in this image. I can imagine a thumb with the Red Sox B on it and painted in full uniform fashion. I can imagine this because Youk bleeds the Sox more than any player on this team. His fingerprints have Sox logos interwoven, at a molecular level. If there is one guy we didn’t want to see go on the DL, he is the one. It’s hard to choose, if I had to, between Dustin and Youk. Thinking that they both have gone down for extended periods is downright heartbreaking. I want to pull my own thumb off and send it to Boston. That’s a gross image and a bit dramatic, but the frustration over injuries this year hasn’t stopped. It’s enough frustration to feel desperate enough to believe they can still make the playoffs. Somehow. Some way. Freedom is just another word for having nothing left to lose, right? Is that mixing metaphors? I do know I am not ready to say bye bye until the last out on October 3, or maybe beyond.


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