Nothing to Cheer About???

Professor Daniel Gilbert(a real professor as opposed to my nicknamed Globe journalists), a professor of psychology at Harvard, wrote in the NYTimes about the mind’s workings under pressure, as in the case of Rodriguez’s 600th home run. In his opening sentence, he says “The Boston Red Sox haven’t given their fans much to cheer about this summer, so we have had to take our pleasure where could find it, for example, by watching Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees struggle to hit his 600th career home run—again and again and again.”

I am not about to take on a Harvard Professor, especially one who has written excellent books on the subject of happiness. After reading his bio, I realized I didn’t know he also has a tv show, “The Emotional Life,” to top off his achievements. His essay, “The Weight at the Plate” is illuminating. But it’s that first sentence that has got me stirring this morning. Some may say, well that’s because it’s true and the truth hurts. Not only that, these injuries, especially Youk’s thumb, hurt like hell. But is all this swelling going to silence us? Are all these broken bones enough to choke our cheers?

p1_soxfans_boston_ap.jpgI wrote about an article earlier in the season that challenged Red Sox fans to stop acting like Yankee fans. With 27 rings, the Yankees have come to expect a championship every year. That’s natural, even if some think that the way they got there is unnatural. So be it. With two rings in the last ten years, are we spoiled and greedy? First, we love this rivalry. And any great play or better, any victory over the Yankees, gives us something to cheer about. Will this be a Bronx massacre that desecrates our entire season? Well, maybe.

I keep thinking about the tickets I bought for October 2 at Fenway. The second to last game of the season AND it’s against the Yankees. Some somber fellow Sox fans have said to me that the game will be meaningless, why bother going. I won’t write my dissertation on why i love baseball here. I will say that there is a long list of moments this season where I have thrown my hat into the air in celebration, some of which are listed in my first-half highlights list. Yesterday I saw a surfer with a t-shirt that said, “The Journey is the Destination.” Somewhat of a cliche these days, bur you know that phrase stuck with me through the day. I don’t mean to get too mystical, but I do intend to convince myself, or even you, that this season is not even close to over.

Right of the Pesky Pole Notes:

After yesterday’s entry on Youk’s thumb, I started thinking about a list of things we need in place of Youk’s thumb, or more literally, his absence.

In no particular order:

Papelbon’s Poise

Kalish’s cool

Ellsbury’s speed

Drew’s clutch hits

Beltre’s bombs

Papi’s swagger

Please add more to the list. . . .



  1. devilabrit

    I am sure with the right in depth research and the odd overheard conversation and a few pictures aptly taken could make Mr. Harvard professor seem very unhappy with his life… the old old saying actions speak louder than words… and i think the BoSox proved that last night…


    Phillies Outside

  2. caribou32

    We do need Pap’s poise as he has faltered a bit lately, minus friday against yanks. Drew getting clutch hits would be nice as tha only really important one i can think is tha grand slam against indians in ’07. We also need Lester back on track as he is 0-4 in his last 4 starts. Wait.. no what we need is offense when he is pitching as he has gotten a total of 3 runs of support over those starts. Also Scutaro’s glove which has not been around this season.

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    My team not being in contention never stopped me from going to a game. Go and enjoy the day!
    How about ~ Beckett’s return to form?
    How about ~ Carlos Delgado working out for them.
    How about ~ Vic Martinez tightening up his form so as to throw out a runner once in a great while.

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