Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Following a stretch (0-4 in the last month) none of us imagined, Doc Lester brought a whole new bag of prescriptions to aid not only the “struggling” Sox but also the mess of blues-riddled fans like me. There are very few times this season when we have seen this kind of pitching, where our best bullpen lights-out combo did exactly that, and at Yankee Stadium against a fearsome lineup. When Teixeira hit that bomb into the second level on a 96.5  fastball (to be precise),  I thought . . .1) here we go again 2) I am going to lose my lunch and 3) we should have signed Mark.The home run analysts of the All-Star Home Run Derby explained that home runs are produced by bat speed, mostly, and not by pitch speed. When I see a shot like that, I have to manufacture a false degree in Physics and say, well, you guys are wrong. Alas, I stray off-track.

Back to the 0-4 stretch. Lester had 30 strikeouts over those four games and over the last five, he mastered 36. We also know that the Sox batters offered a meager 9 runs over those four games. With numbers that our bats have sprung this season, another highly unusual result. Perhaps a relatively smaller anomaly was Lester’s pitch count, 115 or higher three games in a row. The only time that has happened this season.  Now then, I contradict myself with this entry’s title. There were some new things, one of which was luck in our favor. Yes, Lester was sharper against a great lineup, but many other factors fell perfectly into place. Two central characters in our bullpen drama made us believers yesterday. Imagine if the Bard-Pap combo could be executed daily. Back to reality. Why did we ever let Wagner go away? To make room for Oki-jokey? I know I missed something there.

Finally, back to what matters most. A win against the Yankees and, oh yes, Lester is a new dad. Most sincerely, I offer my congrats to Jon & Farrah and hope that baby Hudson starts throwing soon. Being the competitor Jon is, I know there is another baby he wants to hold onto again, no matter the odds.

lester1029_1024 (Small) (Custom).jpg



  1. thomasox

    You crack me up Mike. Yes, I think you are right about how home runs are “produced.” Someone has to write a book on all the artificial ways, of course including roids, that hitters cheated. Were there no consequences for corked bats? Who was it that said, “Oh that bat with all the rubber balls in it? I picked up the wrong bat. I only use that one in batting practice?”
    Go Sox,

  2. devilabrit

    The BoSox definitely did well to split with the Yankees, I think they are doing good on the road at the moment, it ‘ll be a tough weekend in Texas though…. We’ren’t you stoping off at CBP again this week?
    Phillies Outside

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