Devils and Dustin

It is the year of the pitcher in Major League Baseball. It is the year of the broken bone for the Red Sox.


Dustin’s cameo this week before returning to our new farm team,
otherwise known as the disabled list, followed by Lester’s beating the other night, I started to think a new curse was upon us. If we are lucky,
we are just living through it and it will pass like an erratic
hurricane. This all means I am starting to think about next year, even as I do my best to forcefully remain in this one. When Jed Lowrie smacked the game winner last night, it wasn’t so difficult to be here now, to stave off the images of spring training 2011 with healthy Kevins and healed Dustins.

In Springsteen’s song, Devils & Dust, he sings, “I got my finger on the trigger but I don’t know who to trust. . .I feel a dirty wind blowing, devils and dust.” What winds are blowing in Fenway?

Around here in Asbury Park, positive signs for the Sox kept popping up. A new neighbor with a Red Sox hat on his head, told me that his dog’s name was Bosox. On the way to the beach, I saw a New York plate “GOSOX.” Then the Rabbi, Yehuda Krinsky, in his Times Magazine interview said, “He’s(Mayor Bloomberg) a Bostonian, as am I. He betrayed me. He deserted the Red Sox.” This third sign tells me what I need I know.

right of the pesky pole notes:

Thomas’ Trolley will temporarily halt for a week as I travel to see my twin in California. Thanks for reading, as always.



  1. raysfanboy

    You have a twin? Cool…

    Of course, I am not a Boston fan. And while we play you this weekend, I will be wishing nothing but bad things for your guys. But, my goodness, how the heck have you guys stayed in the race!? You have what seems to be guys from AA playing for you! 9 guys on the DL? I am pretty impressed!

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