Nothing to Cheer about? (Part Two)

Back on August 6th, under the same title, I offered six items to replace Youk’s thumb. Some were abstract, others clearly linked to the Red Sox success over the last months. I mean the chances for success. Last week, on the Baseball Reporters, Tony Massarotti told us that “this thing has been over for a long time.” In so many words, he added, If you thought the chances for the postseason were eclipsed by the Rays last week at Fenway, then you haven’t been paying attention. Well, I was still in the game, still thinking of miracles and long winning streaks a’ la Colorado. Yes, I was still dreaming but paying attention at the same time.

boston-fenway-park-sunset.jpgAnd, yes, I enjoyed it. When Ryan Kalish hit that grand slam, the room witnessed more fist-pumping and joyous dancing than it had seen in a while. Kalish delivered again yesterday, during a game few were watching as the football season began. This is just to say that Kalish has fulfilled his spot in the six-point plan. Papi has too. I can go on with the promises and disappointments of filling in for Youk and Pedroia. After all, the Sox seem loaded with young talent. In light of that, I can restate the obvious, losing Dustin and Youk is what finished us. So there it is: I’ve uttered the words of conclusion. of finality. But even in this wait-til-next-year postscript frame of mind, the sounds of cheering, not merely their echoes, remain.



  1. houndcat08

    You are another so-called “Red Sox fan” who can’t do simple math. If you could, you would see that the Sox’ season is FAR from over, with the Yanks slumping and us 6 games out of the Wild Card with 6 games to play vs. NY.

    “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”
    — Yogi Berra



  2. thomasox

    Thanks Mike and Houndcat. I love the irony of having Yogi’s words on my blog.
    bleeding red sox always,
    GO SOX!

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