Field of Dreams





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With National Poetry Month upon us, I begin the baseball season with a poem by Trenna Field



Did you cry when you first watched “Field of Dreams?”

And then every time after the first time?

Was it a tired case of streaming tears?

Or was it worth it in the end when closure

arrived, credits rolled, and happiness found?

Did you listen to the inner voices,

the sounds of things left behind, forgotten?

Did you think that it all made perfect sense,

if you think it, it will happen as a

self-fulfilling prophecy or scripted

by some larger voice in the atmosphere?

Or did you think it was just a movie?

Too imaginative for one to think

that life could be played out in nine innings

or in one hundred and seven minutes?

Did you love it because it was about

baseball or because baseball is about

life? Did you understand the metaphor,

or was it a place to pin your own dreams

unfulfilled? Did you want to ease his pain

or discover a way to hide your own?

Was baseball better when Shoeless Joe played,

before the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn and

money meant less than a love of the game?

Were changes meant to be a part of life?

Or did they happen inadvertently?

Did you want things to work out differently?

Did you think you owed something to the world?

Did you want to make amends with strangers,

the people who deserved to play an inning?

Did you want to build something for them

to come to? For unlived dreams to be lived?

And did you want to be the groundskeeper,

cultivating the field for history?

Did you want to leave a mark all your own?

After your work and your dedication,

did you want to know, what’s in it for you?

Did you want to make sure you lived your dreams?

Or were you selfless? Did you realize life

is what you put into it, the practice,

and the timing will add up in the end?

Did you think he would come if you built it?

Or were you hoping it’d be easier

if he didn’t come, and it was never built?

Did it leave you feeling like a cynic,

people will come, but they will also leave,

(they did not mention that in the movie)?

Did you want to go into the corn field?

Or did you want to stay right where you were?

And did you think there was enough magic

in the Moonlight for those dreams to come true?

And do you believe that what was once good

could eventually be good again,

and magic water holds our memories?

Did you want to say that you were waiting,

while the ball was spiraling through the air?

Did you want to say that it was heaven,

that you were sorry for the things unsaid,

for the actions left undone and the hurt

that comes along in life and in baseball?

Is uncertainty the only constant?

Did you want to go to a field of dreams?

Or did you think you were already there?



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