Ice Cream Men Don’t Deliver . . .

But Nostalgia & Winning Shine through.

For a short time Saturday night, the Red Sox looked like a parody of old time baseball performed at the circus for the entertainment of 4 year-olds.  Last year, when the team donned the white Memorial Day Stars & Stripes hats, Tito commented that the hats were ridiculous. Some fans commented that the proceeds going to Veterans was bitter paradox, since MLB hats are all made in China. Although Fox blocked many of us from seeing the game, I was surprised at how unreal the game seemed in highlights, along the clownish acts of later innings.

On a more serious note, we are all happy to hear that Marlon Byrd is doing ok. And thank you  Jed Lowrie and Youk for taking a few hits for the team. It’s all part of the code of the game, something that won’t ever change. Last night as I turned between MLB Network’s number 1 game of all time and ESPN Sunday Night baseball, that was central feeling I had–that the game doesn’t change that much and it’s one of the reasons we love it. Dewey’s catch still seems impossible. As do the ushers in those old time uniforms–this in the days when they could show emotion. Ok,so perhaps the game changes in some details. Then there are”the codes,”  which I will write more about in my next post.

For now, the Indians are on my mind, more specifically Justin Masterson. He gets my vote for the “one that got away.” I’ve said this before but I must repeat it. We can never have enough young pitching talent. Like great marathoners, our best pitchers take time to reach their true potential. Masterson has made further adjustments to his pitch selection and now has the lowest ERA of his career. But here I am longing again for what might have happened.

The end of the semester here coupled with the change over to WordPress delayed a new entry,  so it’s good to be back.

(Obvious) Song of the day: Tom Waits, “The One that Got Away.”


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