THE most important game of the year

Mazz is talking right now as I write this on the Baseball Reporters. This is the most important game of year, because of the ramifications but also because of the match-up Beckett vs Shields. Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post wrote about this very topic this morning.

All day, colleagues and friends have been saying something close to this. Seeing the Sox logo on my wall, one student(a Phillies fan) said, “They have to start winning now. Now.” On the superstitious side of the insanity, I sneaked into my secretary’s office after she left at 4:30 and turned her Dustin Pedroia bobblehead 45 degrees to the right toward the Ellsbury bobblehead. She told me not to touch them all season, and I haven’t until now, about 15 minutes ago.

But tonight is about Beckett. The Beckett question again. Where I started the New Year on this blog. There is that man on the stage looking up at the moon for answers. I might be doing the same between innings or even during the game, hoping that Beckett’s ankle or his entire landing leg will hold up because its holding up a lot more than the body that winds up above it.


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