The Clubhouse Exodus?

The Globe’s Red Sox reporters always offer a solid view of the inner workings of the clubhouse, perhaps more so in recent years with the addition of the blogs and more columnists. With new Iphone apps like Boston Baseball pulling together stories “24-7″(more than just a tag line, certainly), one could spend all day reading about the Sox. After the last game at the end of the 2010 season, Peter Abraham described what most people never get to see, and even more don’t always understand. The players quickly parted ways, talking about their winter plans and overall, the longing to be elsewhere was palpable and pervasive, according to Abraham.

After another bitter loss on Sunday, Abraham’s narrative about Epstein pausing in the hallway to look at the front page of the 2007 World Series newspaper and the stunned expressions on the rookies’ faces, I started to think about another managerial possibility.(Having just looked at the Globe I see that they are inviting readers to play manager.) I don’t think it has to happen on the field. What can pull this team together mentally? A question posed by one fan, or was it Tony Mazz, on Friday, was what would happen if Tito just lost it, really going nuts in some way he never has before? The players should not tear out of the clubhouse after a game, as was reported yesterday. The season isn’t over, at least in this fan’s view.

The cyclical narrative, ending where we started, will be more painful than other collapses, simply because of the potential of this team. But if the mood is resignation and defeat, then we are all going to have more of the same. today and the rest of the week. My Red Sox tissue box will then offer comfort not only from allergies but also for the angry tears falling into the water of a washed out season.


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