The Art of Losing

The art of losing certainly isn’t hard to master for the Red Sox. They came into the season losing and they’re exiting the regular season the same way. Though they’ve hardly had an unsuccessful season, they seem to have lost all control over their control. How does a team only win 5 of the last 23 games played in September? During the prime of their season, the wins were great and provided a shining light towards a postseason. But when the pressure began to mount, they began to flake. They’ll be lucky if they can hold onto the Wild Card. But, I won’t hold my breath for two reasons:

  1. In the bottom of the 6th in their first game against the Yankees, they were losing by nine!  By the end of the game, it was 9-1 and the only hope was that the Rays lose to Toronto and then keep losing.
  2.  The bullpen hasn’t been impressive for what seems like months. Remember how long it took Wake to pull out 200? Lester didn’t even make it to three innings and I think that was even way too long to be in. I’m beginning to question the pitching staff.

If Boston wants a shot at the postseason, they better start playing like it because with one game left against the Yankees followed by only three games left in the regular season and the Wild Card within reach for the Rays or the Angels, there isn’t room for losing this often.

It’s not the beginning of the season, then I had patience for loss, I understood that Carl Crawford was still syncing with the team, I understood that Adrian had to find his footing, it made sense that the kinks needed to be worked out, after all, it was a long winter. But Crawford has more or less been a letdown this season. Perhaps the expectations were tied in with the numbers on his contract rather than on the numbers he could actually put towards the team’s statistics.

And now, it’s the end of the season. Francona and Epstein have said there is no disconnect between the two of them, but there is a disconnect somewhere in the organization. Epstein recently said, “No one’s going to remember April. No one’s going to remember the last two weeks. Everyone’s going to remember what happens next, and we have the opportunity to control that.”Well, Theo, we remember April, and two weeks is on its way to four. Didn’t anyone ever tell them that you can’t wait until what happens next because you’re missing what happens now, right now, as the Sox dropped game number two against the Yankees?

These guys have been playing together for months, they’ve been so close to the post-season, the DL isn’t even close to as long as it was last year. If they can’t do it this year, they don’t deserve to.



  1. Mateo Fischer

    Well, I mean it’s not like the Sox were in last place (although that may have been more painless). They only lost out by half a game. I think they have more than a chance at making the playoffs this year. I mean the moves they made last season didn’t disappear. Crawford can only get better.
    -Mateo Fischer

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