Team Chemistry?

If you watch the Red Sox in 2012, one question might keep floating above the field, perhaps generated from the clubhouse conflicts, the blabbering of select folks in from the media, or from some unknown, magical source: do the Red Sox have good team chemistry?

As we head into a nostalgic weekend at Fenway, maybe the sense of history and old uniforms will unify this sloppy bundle of players, or maybe it will alert them to some kind of common mission like the solution following a difficult mathematical problem.

Yet, another important question arises: does team chemistry really matter?

One question leads to another.

Will this be a year-long transition with new management? Did Tito’s style of managing create one kind of chemistry, while Bobby V’s style makes another?

Does it evolve from one player’s leadership, from Dustin’s spark? Was Varitek an anchor? Who might take more of a leadership role, beside Big Papi?

Does it even matter?  Is there some artificial sense of urgency that can’t replicate pre-2004 days? How many years of missing the playoffs is necessary for the hunger to turn raw again?


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