Further Explorations in Science

The season thus far seems to have been nothing but a series of formulations, calculations & recalculations, transitions, beginnings and revised beginnings, not to mention the addition of tossed dirt, in the form of thick mud. As the Sox attempt to push through and past the .500 mark, the original foundations of the season echo. My questions about team chemistry from April, resurfaced yesterday in the Globe, with Peter Abraham’s excellent story, “Have the Sox Flunked Chemistry Class?” Professor Abraham answers,

Good clubhouse chemistry wasn’t going to solve any of those problems. But it makes for an convenient excuse and a good topic.”

But I have a follow up question. From whom do we need to hear some answers? If some of us, as said on yesterday’s Baseball Reporters show(98.5), have lost faith in the process, as well trust in the organization as a whole, who can be that one voice of accountability? What words, if any, can be voiced to allay the fears and woes of the 2012 season? The Sox are not in as bad shape as some would proclaim. It is difficult, though, to put one’s faith in a team that has lacked consistency.

To be or not to be?

1) Youkilis

2) Bard

3) Gonzalez

4) Crawford

5) Bobby V. Bobby V, is he the warrior we need him to be?



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