Becketts of Rain


ImagePhoto By Steven Senne

Yesterday I was listening to that Bob Dylan album of heartbreak and disappointment; you know the one that cries of bitterness, resignation, longing, mixed in sometimes with contentment. You are going to make me lonesome when you go. Tangled up in Blue. Simple Twist of Fate. See, if we attribute it all to some quick turn of fate, then maybe the game doesn’t hurt so much.The Red Sox have won 4 in a row. How may times has that happened this year? How many times has any team beat Justin Verlander two times in a row? We ought to all be happy? Yes? Yes, but cautiously.

The season I said was dependent on Josh Beckett. When he waved his black mitt last night in the rain, signaling for the trainer, after retiring the first 8 batters of a fierce lineup, disappointment, like a dampness in our clothes all season long, got just that much colder. The only thing consistent about Josh Beckett this year is amount of air time radio shows spend trying to figure out what to do with him. Trade him? Bench him? Clean up the toxicity in the clubhouse? Get rid of Lackey and Beckett will be a better man and a better pitcher?

When I watched Bobby Valentine’s press conference the other night and heard him describe Ryan Sweeney’ s busted hand as something that happened in the last at-bat, I wondering about all the things in the clubhouse that are shrouded and have been all season. What really happened with Tito? Why was Youk so unhappy? Is Bobby V going to look so glum, even after a victory? Can we really be happy about 4 wins in a row?

The game ended last night with the bases full of Tigers.  A little bit of rain turned into a blurring downpour. A simple twist of fate?


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