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The Other Michael Thomas

The rumors of my Red Sox namesake are true. A sad day indeed. After the 2009 draft, my nephew’s dreams of playing for the Sox were a brief reality, and dreams he still keeps while playing college ball for Memphis. But my more frivolous hopes that Michael Thomas would rise through the ranks were thrown out with today’s trash.

For the acquisition of Salty, a worthwhile move, increasingly so it seems, Michael ended up as the player to be named later.I guess for some reliability behind the plate, which might be one small root of our pitching problems, I can take this one wound for the team.
From the great Sox Prospects site:

December 5, 1988
Houston, TX
12th round, 2009;
22nd round, 2006 by LAA
How Acquired:
College: Southern University A&M
Marshall (TX)


Fenway Classic: July 2, 2009

One of my most memorable days ever, as a Red Sox fan or in my life, was watching my nephew, Derrick Thomas, play at Fenway. As draft pick #44, he was invited to play in the exhibition game for draftees. As the only other Sox fan in the family, he was especially thrilled that the Sox picked him out of high school. He is playing for the University of Memphis now, with hopes of a redraft in a few years.

This was only his second time at Fenway. The first? Buchholz’s no-hitter.

DSCN0660 (Large) (Small).JPG

DSCN0711 (Large) (Small).JPG

DerrickYaz (Large).jpg

Derrick warming up, while Yaz watches his grandson, Michael take batting practice

DSCN0727 (Large).JPG

And the family. What a day.

Thomas hits first home run at Memphis

We have been waiting for Big Papi to break out with some power displays and last night he showed that swing with two long balls. In a small park much farther from Boston than Baltimore, Red Sox 44th round draft pick broke through with power of his own. After a two-run triple last night, Thomas hit a towering home run today against UCF in Orlando, his first of the year. His teammates reported the blast went about 400 feet. Thomas said, “I didn’t get to see it but I knew it was gone off the bat.It felt good.” UCF’s announcer said, “That is gone, no doubt about it. A long home run for Thomas,” as the bat rang–not my favorite sound in college baseball. A much better sound was the wood bat’s crack when Thomas hit a long ball off the Green Monster(just above the Covidien sign) on July 2 during the Fenway Classic Game, driving in three runsDSCN0711 (Large) (Small) (WinCE).JPG