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In the Wake of Winning

Willie Stargell called the knuckleball a “butterfly with hiccups.” Last night the ball had movement more closely resembling a peregrine falcon, that is when it was moving in the opposite direction off the Royals’ bats, to the tune of more hits than they have had in five years.

“If a knuckleball flounders, it is proof somehow, that the craft
itself–just look at it–is unreliable,” wrote Ben McGrath in his
article “Project Knuckleball.” With respect to Wakefield, I will avoid
those questions.

Instead, imagine if we sent out umpire Joe West to fight the Royals’ black-belt in residence, Kyle Farnsworth. I know some of us might pay for such a spectacle, even though it wouldn’t last too long. The momentum shift feels pretty much like that. Like Joe West’s face in the infield dirt. Perhaps I should refer to another image, in case some readers find that too violent. That’s easy. How about the aforementioned falcon picking up a slovenly pigeon.

The only regret I have watching the Celtics pound the Magic is missing Bill Hall pitching a 1-2-3 inning in relief.

In more optimistic realms, I hear this pitcher will be available by the end of June.

PS. On the Ipod right now, a la Professor Abraham: “Nadine” John Hammond. (This is outrageously synchronous, given the lyrics, “it seems that every time I catch you, you are up to something new.” That is Vmart singing himself to sleep last night.