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Merloni Full of Baloney? Closer Nation Part 2

Delivering bad news is never easy. Many people choose the explosive, erratic tirade to reveal the worst truths, at least when it comes to romantic relationships. “I have never really loved you; I just felt sorry for you!!!” (For example.) Maybe because it’s easier to get through it faster. But even in that, would one believe those words, erupting from a foaming, red face?

jonathan-papelbon.jpgThat’s why I think Lou Merloni is good source for insights about the Sox. Not the kind that are revealed from a sports radio call-in segment, where guys are sitting in traffic and hungry and not fully aware of what pours forth. The antithesis is Lou Merloni, he knows how make to a point, in a measured, thoughtful way. Last week, he told Red Sox Nation that he is concerned about Papelbon. That means all of us should have concern. It is just spring training, as he notes, but our concerns go back to all last season, when Pap and Dice-K competed for inconsistent player of the year award. Professor Sean McAdam followed this discussion by asking if Papelbon is in denial? Using psychological terms, even informally, when talking about Pap is easy to do. We can think of many other possible diagnoses. That is also what I love about closers. With Papelbon, the erratic intensity, the goggle-drunken Irish -dancing nut is what I hope for in a closer. But Pap, maybe Lou has a point, and maybe you ought to think about his delivery. After all, Merloni is never full of baloney.


As Restless as a Willow in a Windstorm

Here is another guest entry from my former student, the writer, Trenna Field.






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Spring Baseball

Never mind whether or not a groundhog saw his shadow, the symbol for
spring is when the football season ends and baseball begins. Though spring may
not officially begin until March, the vision for warm weather arises when
Florida becomes more than a winter destination and Arizona becomes a vacation
destination for eager baseball fans.

pitchers and catchers begin their first official workout of the 2011 season,
the media is buzzing with the possibilities of whatever may happen with the Red
Sox. The unknowns are what can lead the team to prepare for the best and become
conscientious of the worse. J.D. Drew has mentioned a bothersome hamstring,
which could be a cause for concern as fans remember the injuries piling up, and
a mounting disabled list at the end of the 2010 season.

media has also attempted to stir up an in-team rivalry between Jenks and
Papelbon, though both have acknowledged a successful organization and a title
seeking team is the priority. Expectations for the upcoming season are set for
the top. The Red Sox are aiming for a World Series, which might leave some
feeling skeptical. Tracey Jackson, a guest on a Today Show segment titled “Why
50 Is Not The New 30” said, “if you set yourself up for expectations you can’t
meet, you’re going to be depressed.” That makes sense, but as the Red Sox have
everything in line for a great season and the passion to play for it, their
expectations are realistic leaving no room for depression. A Red Sox World
Series is quite possible, after all, it is only spring and anything is

  Fort Myers is a place where the kinks of the
team can be worked out, on and off the field, and a place that allows baseball
to begin as Fenway Park continues to thaw from the harsh New England winter.
Baseball has officially kicked off an early spring, although the temperature is
still below freezing and the wind chill is unbearable, with something like
opening day to look forward to, the winter is almost a thing of the past, like
the 2010 season.