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Opening Daze

We have a decision to make. Today. It’s a decision one must make before the season goes a game further. It’s a matter of will. Mental preparation perhaps.

Yesterday we watched the Bard of Boston’s poetry crumble into meaningless gibberish.We witnessed familiar tragedy, the bullpen woes of last year stretching into our opening day anticipation. The likelihood of a former Sox player named Beltre hitting the game-winning double was pretty darn high, but yesterday it was another one named Murphy.(Did anyone else imagine him starting in right field for the Sox, with tens of millions of dollars in savings?)

First, though, Big Papi hit one out with the graceful power unseen until May last year. A beautiful at-bat we were celebrating for a short time.

So which path to take? An old question for Sox fans. Is it the more hopeful, optimistic view?

Or will you take on the worried, don’t-tell-me-how-it’s-gonna-end fatalism?

It’s up to you. You are the captain of your own fate. You can shake off the signs, ask for another set. It might define the season.



Hitting the Play Button More than Three Times

Thomas’ Trolley Top First Half Highlights

10) Big Papi Winning the Home Run Derby: Meaningless but memorable

9) Darnell’s first at-bat home run and game-winning sac fly: Who’s there? Darnell I am

8) Opening Day Comeback against the Yankees: Full Blossomed Optimism, which vanished faster than Jayson Werth’s liner back to Dice-K on May 22, which leads me to . . .

7) Dice-K’s One Hittter against the Phillies, May 22: Dreaming in Technicolor of the old Dice-K

6) Clay Buchholz’s Complete Game Shutout against the O’s, June 4th: Masterful Season in the making.

5) Big Papi’s 2 homer, 4 rbi pounding of the Tigers, May 14: Meaningful & memorable May

4) Papelbon’s save against the Yankees, May 18th: Saving the game and our souls

3) Nomah Night, May 5th: The Past is the Present, or something like that.

2) Dustin’s 3 HR Laser Show, Colorado, June 24th: Fans required to wear protective gear in the left field stands.

1) Daniel Nava’s First-at-Bat Grand Slam: The story with many stories, like Tolstoy.