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Mohnnywood: Two For One

The cynic in me says that the Johnny-Manny show, over nine games at Fenway with the very first on April 11, won’t deliver as much ticket revenue as they did last year, since fans saw the return of their former heroes on separate occasions. After all, part of the ticket lottery for the Sox reserved games against the Dodgers, Manny’s first visit in June. But even as I write that, I realize that the appearance of the two is far greater than the value of the pieces in the dramatic puzzle. As readers might know, the cynic in me rarely visits, as I am a more optimistic fan and the values of the game afford endless reward and pleasure, even with defeat’s agony.

p1_damon_slam1_ap.jpgThe images of Manny & Johnny in other uniforms will always be like Hank Aaron in Brewers’ colors. Perhaps a slight exaggeration and too much imagination at work, but each players memorable moments were played in a Red Sox uniform. This is not merely about possession but more about joys each of them delivered. So perhaps the nine games will pass more fluidly and fans won’t endlessly debate whether to cheer or boo, not to mention unleashing racial slurs towards Manny and his fans. Here’s one for time passing and memories sweetened by it. This may contradict and repeat other entries here, but we all know the buzz around the park on April 11 might be more fitting for Hollywood than the classic park we know as Fenway.



BBQ Stingray

According to the ever easy to use and reliable Wikipedia, Stingray, i.e. Rays, are often barbecued in Singapore and Malaysia.One of the more tasty and tender parts is the wing.  My metaphor–and interest in this subject–is obvious. In celebration of last night’s dissection, I will try to locate the nearest Malaysian restaurant. I said I would be crazy with glee if we could beat the Rays. Hence, my culinary insanity. Perhaps I am celebrating prematurely once again, but hell, sometimes it’s good to live in the moment. Cheers!
Onward and upward!