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You Say Tejada, I Say Tedeja

Last summer at a Salem Red Sox game in Lynchburg Virginia, two fans kept returning to the concession stand for pitchers of bad beer. Their vocalizations increased with consumptions, as is often the case at sporting events.But who could blame them, it was still 96 degrees at 9:30 and we have the illusion that cold beer has cooling effects, rather than what science says.I am not one to correct someone’s mispronunciation in public, even during class, but this was one time when I truly had to bite my tongue. Towards the end of the game, each of these drunk lads were declaring,”Hey Tejada(sic), who’s your uncle?” Then the other would add, the uglier, racially tinged, “Boy!” It was not one of the prettier moments in watching baseball last summer; ignorance on all fronts displayed. At the very least, know your game if you are going to holler.

IMG_0727 (Custom).JPG

Oscar Tejeda(3) with Stolmy Pimental(45) photo by thomasox

What was beautiful was the raw athleticism of Oscar Tejeda, born in the Dominican Republic, in 1989. Among all the high numbered jerseys on the field over the last few games in Florida, Oscar is making his name, going 5 for 7, with two triples and 6 RBIs.He batted .344 in Salem with 67 RBIs.adding 11 homers from a 6’1″ slender frame.With the riches of our farm system (Iglesias, Middlebrooks, Pimental, Linares, et.al), one wonders how much money we can keep and spend on our own talent rather than on free agents. We look at the upcoming season with great anticipation, but the near as well as the distant future is inspiring. In the mean time, Lynchburg Hillcats fans can go their own way, we’ll go ours, down Yawkey Way.


The Other Michael Thomas

The rumors of my Red Sox namesake are true. A sad day indeed. After the 2009 draft, my nephew’s dreams of playing for the Sox were a brief reality, and dreams he still keeps while playing college ball for Memphis. But my more frivolous hopes that Michael Thomas would rise through the ranks were thrown out with today’s trash.

For the acquisition of Salty, a worthwhile move, increasingly so it seems, Michael ended up as the player to be named later.I guess for some reliability behind the plate, which might be one small root of our pitching problems, I can take this one wound for the team.
From the great Sox Prospects site:

December 5, 1988
Houston, TX
12th round, 2009;
22nd round, 2006 by LAA
How Acquired:
College: Southern University A&M
Marshall (TX)