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The Thomas’ Trolley First Annual Poetry Prize Deadline Extended! 


We are
looking for Red Sox Poetry. Can you resist being crowned the Bard of the
Red Sox?

Send your entries to Thomastrolley@gmail.com and you could win a really nice Red Sox Prize.
If you enter now, the odds are with you.
Remember, a minimum of 6 lines. The rest of it is up to you.

Right of the Pesky Pole Notes:

Many many thanks to Rachel of Missing Fenway(twitter), dear friend and fellow writer and Red Sox fan who bestowed the book Big League Poets(pictured above) in honor of this blog.

O Captain! My Captain!

DSC00266 (Small).jpg“The port is near, the bells I hear, the people are exulting,” Walt Whitman wrote for Lincoln and the soldiers of the Civil War. But I write here about our captain and the exultation I feel when Tek hits one these days. Home runs always feel good. Even in the later innings of a drubbing, they always seem to lift the spirit a little. Roger Angell’s wonderful essay on the home run, ‘Homeric Tales, first published in the New Yorker in the early ’90s is probably my favorite piece by him. With our Captain’s uncertain future, and in the face of what many thought was an adversarial platooning with Victor, Jason Varitek is still producing and he is still our captain. Seeing him trot the bases last night with those cypress tree trunk legs makes me hope he will stick around for a while.Anytime I am feeling a bit down after a loss to the Yankees, I look at that photo of Tek punching his mitt into A-Rod’s jowls.The new issue of ESPN magazine reports that Kyle Farnsworth is the biggest bad*ss in baseball. My vote is for Tek, who makes sure our “ship is anchored safe and sound.”